[PIP-27 Candidate Submission] Solidity/React developer

I’m a Fullstack blockchain developer with strong Solidity experience and React/Redux/TS, Node/Python, Go Fullstack experience as well.

I participated in Ethereum Defi projects for yield farming, Lending/Borrowing, Staking/Rewards, crypto games.

Here are my GitHub profile, my accomplishments.

This repo will show you my React/Redux/typescript skill by a small test project

Here are my contributions to Defi projects and crypto games which is built by Solidity, React/Redux/TS,

Sovryn is the first bitcoin Defi project to interact with the RSK network for lending/borrowing, staking bitcoin.

Especially What I’m really passionate about and interested in projects are Uniswap, Susiswap, Curve in the Defi area. I love to work with these protocol Smart contracts and love the idea and project of Pickle in this area.

Hope to contribute to the pickle project and be a member of pickle family.