[PIP-27 Candidate Submission] Solution Engineer


I started programming very early in 1990 at the age of 12.
Because I am quite passionate in what I do, I have taught myself to quickly adopt new programming languages, environments and design patterns. I love to build tools to empower others.

In 1998 won a 100k game compo with “Tetripz”.
In 2000 wrote software to do simulated Static Capacity Modelling to optimize ROI in semi-conductor production facilities using resource scheduling and a push vs pull factory model.
In 2001 wrote communication network correlation and visualization software for IRC networks.
In 2002 worked for a company writing real-time embedded software for routers, presentation layer, application layer, network layer, encryption, compression, authentication.
In 2003 worked at a company creating 3D software solutions for casino games, VJ software/hardware solutions and other 3D-accelerated multimedia.
In 2005 I worked at a large Supply Chain company integrating a workflow engine.
In 2006 I started working as a freelancer at my own company developing software for medical devices.
In 2007 I developed time registration software for accountants.
In 2008 I started working at a security company, handling cryptographic RFID and biometric scanners, I did develop their integration with a payment provider.
In 2009 I invented and setup a SaaS product from scratch (still servicing customers worldwide).
In 2011 I created smsbitcoins.com, the first gateway to sell bitcoin by SMS. Sold bitcoins for less than a dollar, but at double the rate going at MtGox.
In 2012 worked for a company processing and distributing satellite data.
In 2013 I started working at a large supply chain company, refactored half their code base and automated their DevOps processes, pioneered the migration into Kubernetes.
In 2020 I started developing solidity smart contracts. Mainly doing R&D how to build better products from scratch. I am working on a network of automated investment advisor bots, on-chain and off-chain arbitrage bots, a cross-chain liquidity bridge, a cross-chain multi-wallet zapper clone, a multi token crypto-game, seigniorage tokens. I also developed some discord bots. Did some calculations and code reviews for pickle.finance. Suggested the tokenomics for CORN.
In 2021 I started working as a bounty manager at mith.cash reviewing and writing Mith v2 contracts.

I’m also trying to revive former batdollar.fi into bestdollar.finance.

What I bring to the table

I am working on composable data-driven smart contracts to plug in typical RewardPool and Staking Contracts, Vaults and token mechanisms to reduce the time-to-market.
I am enhancing Jar/Vaults to be able to accumulate and yield multiple tokens.

I have a myriad of ideas:

  • A strategy tracking 20+ stablecoins and holding buckets with different stablecoins, where higher valued stablecoins get sold to buy lower valued buckets. Effectively arbing while minimizing risk by limiting the size of each bucket to 10% of total investment at all times.
  • A vault containing 2 strategies, a stablecoin strategy and a degen strategy where the yield of the stablecoin strategy is used to invested in the degen strategy, effectively creating a bottom floor for your risk and still enjoy high APY.
  • Mini-games which use PICKLE as input causing price appreciation.
  • Single asset staking strategies, investing in external strategies, but selling the yield for PICKLE instead of minting PICKLE, causing price appreciation.
  • Creating a new algorithmic dynamic coin tracking ETH, having seigniorage yield above peg, but also yields below peg fueled by an innovative bond system which relies on staking DILL on bonds slowly yielding profits collected by yield farming LP above peg.
  • Creating a stable-bridge into other networks like Binance Smart Chain and Fantom to be able to farm yield cross-chain.
  • Add composable yield pipelines where you can select per vault at which frequency you want to extract liquidity and distribute it by configurable shares to one or more other vaults.
  • Create WYSIWYG visualizations, where by changing parameters you can see the effects on various metrics graphically.
  • Implement zapper-style zap-in and zap-out contracts doing single-asset conversion to LP, deposit in jar and deposit in farm in a single transaction, saving gas and time in the process.

Work ethics

I am a big fan of “Clean Code” and reusable design patterns.
I love to automate things and build solutions which optimize time and cost.
I have been a fan of Slackware, Gentoo, Sabayon, Centos and Fedora.
I like hardhat for giving us the fastest feedback loop a blockchain developer wants.
I like having a regression test suite containing pure unit tests and integration tests.
I like to innovate, I am a hands-on guy. You might not see equations from me, I rather work out the numbers in excel or build a simulation.
I will always root for the people providing added value to the protocol.
I love the pickle community.

If you don’t hire me officially, I will still do the same thing, but I might not be able to reserve the timeslots to do so.


@purplezky that’s awesome, you have my full support… 30+ years in the game. If it were solely up to me I’d hire you already.


ur a boss, u’ve also been super helpful to me and many others in the cord - u have my full support!

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You have my full support as well. would love to have you on the team, officially.


Zero questions for you. LOL

I’ve got too many questions… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Damn what a submission :smiley:

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