[PIP-28] Make 0xkoffee's Appointment Permanent

PIP Discussion Here: Snapshot


Initially, 0xkoffee was hired on a 2-month emergency basis, explained in this announcement, at which point we said we would invite further community input. The initial 2-month term will be up in two weeks.

0xkoffee has accomplished a lot of Pickle in a short amount of time. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • the BAC/DAI and MIC/USDT Jars;
  • a few other Jars which are currently under review (due to launch soon); and
  • finishing up the frontend/UI for DILL.


Please indicate whether you approve of the appointment of 0xKoffee as a permanent member of the Pickle team (subject to periodic performance reviews by the Pickle community). His previous terms comprised of $156k/year in stablecoins. However, the new proposed terms will denominate the same total amount in $120k stablecoins and $36k PICKLEs, vesting in 3 month increments, the value of which is determined on a monthly basis.

Should Pickle keep 0xkoffee?
  • Yes
  • No

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It’s a no-briner :ok_hand:


Came here to say this aha.

Phenomenal work @0xkoffee, an absolute asset to the community!

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0xkoffee will be a great addition to the team on a full time / long term basis. make it so.

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