[PIP 32] Modifying tail-end emissions

Vote: Snapshot

author: @leekuanjew


The Pickle core team recently collected information on different scenarios to modify tail-end emissions in order to:

  • better align incentives amongst stakeholders through monetary policy;
  • increase the adoption potential of Pickle given the upcoming DILL launch; and,
  • improve the long-term stability and sustainability of the protocol.

Please refer to this forum post for details.

Albeit only 29% voted to do nothing, many commenters qualified their vote and suggested to proceed with a freeze on emissions then retake the discussion once DILL governance is live.


This proposal aims to freeze picklePerBlock at 0.10. Under the current monetary policy (PIP-5), we would go under that number in 2 weeks. With this proposal, we would instead continue with planned 10% decreases in picklePerBlock until emissions reach 0.10 PICKLEs/block, where they will be fixed for every week going forward.

This is meant as a temporary measure and should be reviewed as soon as it is practicable for DILL holders to vote on it.

Additional information

Tables, charts, and source data containing week-by-week projections for supply and weekly emissions for the next 15 years can be found on the forum post. Assuming this proposal passes and subsequently DILL holders vote to “do nothing”, the outcome will be equivalent to that presented in Proposal C.

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