pJar Total APY Display

Most of us understand that the more TVL that enters pickle, the higher the price will go, since there will be more buy-and-burn and more cash flow to pickle holders.

However, most new people visiting the site don’t really understand how amazing Pickle jar staking APYs are relative to simple UNI farming. I propose adding a total APY next to each jar farm showing how much a person would make from the pickle rewards, from the farm’s UNI dumping, and from the native annualized LP rewards.

I think this measure, if implemented properly and with a revamped front-end at some point in the near future, could greatly assist in driving hundreds of millions of TVL into the jars and kick off a flywheel effect similar to what happened with YFI.


And I thought that

Current (estimated) APY = 43.26% (after fees)

included all the earnings. This is a definite must have.


The APY shown on the jar page is the sum of the UNI farming strategy and the fees that your LP token is aggregating.

The APY shown on the farm page is JUST pickles.

Let me know if I’m wrong