Pooling 'left-behind' sCRV for a Community PickleBank

ADDRESS FOR DONATIONS : 0xb7b8c9241ef386ffcf1049dc53ba6540119d32fc

With the rollout of PIP-15, a lot of us are sitting on nominal amounts of sCRV that are not currently worth redeeming from Curve due to gas fees.

@chimaera and @IrrI suggested that we pool all these abandoned sCRV and use them for some sort of unofficial community initiative. I think we can take it a step further and say that any tokens can be donated. Perhaps in the future, it could also evolve into a crowdfunding mechanism.

Control mechanism and uses of funds TBD. All ideas are welcome.
Putting up this poll to gauge interest…
Note that this is not an officially sanctioned project.

Edit: @chimaera has graciously volunteered to manage this wallet and promised not to rug :slight_smile:. Address posted above.

  • Create Community PickleBank
  • Hell no, I’m keeping my sCRV

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I’m In !
I have actually 3.5 sCRV :laughing:

I have 1.7 :slight_smile:
I’ll top it up to $10 for my first donation if we proceed…

Any ideas on how to set something like this up?
I mean we could just set up a wallet…but who would hold the keys?

I don’t think we need to over-complicate, personally. I’d suggest either:

  1. Everyone just sends to the treasury - that way the multisig can be tasked with approving the spend when we identify a reason. Doesn’t look like there is any raw sCRV in there currently so easy to identify/track.

  2. One of the team or mods just set up a fresh ETH address - I trust them to take care of my ~$5, and/or a few hundred bucks worth of sCRV. I realise this is against most people’s DEFI principles though …

  3. We identify a worthy community member and just send to them to do with as they wish.

Let’s aim to do something soon though otherwise people will forget and their sCRV will just languish.


Let’s do it! I’m good with any of the options…I think 2 or 3 are better…why task the multisig for a trivial amount?

Any volunteers to setup and take charge of this wallet?

Time is money on this job!

Okay here is a brand spanking new eth address:

The idea is that anyone with sCRV of a value that is not worthwhile converting via Curve (fees are min $5-10 I believe), send it here and we’ll pool it until it is a value we can convert, and then will discuss how to spend it on something frivolous (but to the benefit of Pickle).

You can choose to confirm here what you have sent, or not - I’ll just keep a running total going.

NOTE: you are trusting me with the funds, I am the only one with access … I promise no rug but you need to use your own judgement! :smiley:



Sent some ETH to get the ball rolling :slight_smile:
I’ll keep my 1.7 sCRV as a souvenir…

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Current sCRV fund status:


Just send my sCRV :kissing_heart:

@BigBrainBriner offers to exchange sCRVs for USDC thanks to a pool he created on Uniswap:

In my case the transaction fees are too high compared to the quantity of sCRV in my possession, I prefer to “give” them and tell myself that they will serve the community better.


@yyctrader @Tomato_Juxx

As promised, no rug pull … yet :cucumber: … I think BBB gazumped us with the Uni pool and so yours were the only funds sent (plus my small amount).

Currently the value is ~$96 so thinking either:

  1. I send your contributions back (plus @Tomato_Juxx you may as well have my ~5sCRV too)
  2. I convert the sCRV and see how much is left after fees, then spend it on something frivolous (which was the original idea). Not likely to achieve a huge amount with ~$80-90 but it could be used to buy a few pickle and then give to some random people/projects on Twitter, or fund a merch purchase for someone, buy a Google ad, give to charity/Gitcoin grant … or open to other ideas.

What do you guys think?

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I’m down for frivolous…let’s keep it running, I’ll try and shill it a bit :laughing:
BBB certainly trampled this plan :roll_eyes:

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Yeah BBB totally Trumped it ! :upside_down_face:

I also think we can let them run … especially as they get fat and earn crv if I’m not mistaken.
Or why not exchange them for Pickles! (Furucombo: remove sCRV in Curve + swap stable in Uniswap in one tx)
$80 in Pickle today could be worth $800 in some time :smiley:

I like the idea that these funds can buy goodies (voucher) and / or reward / gratify someone :cucumber:


Don’t want to forget about this. A while back I did convert the sCRV to ETH, so now we have a pot of:
0.1601 ETH / $98.61 USD

Thoughts on buying and burning some CORN with it? @yyctrader @Tomato_Juxx ? I know it’s more of a gesture, but following the Yearn buy and the Stabilise buyback, it could give those who lost pDAI some hope for the future.

Or if you have other ideas let me know, I am just conscious it’s mostly your contributions :cucumber:

Nice! The rally in ETH covered the gas/curve fees :slight_smile:
I say let’s convert the ETH to PICKLEs and hodl for now.
We can do more with $500 :wink:

What do you think @Tomato_Juxx


What about 50/50 ? :smiley:

I don’t see $CORN going away, especially since the massive purchase by Yearn … I suspect constant income going forward and a price over $1 in the future!
$PICKLE is a safe bet in our eyes so not to be overlooked;)

Maybe we’ll soon see a CORN/PICKLE pool that won’t surprise me ^^


50:50 is a cool idea. Let’s see what we can turn this $100 into :sweat_smile:


Sounds good! Try and lowball the CORN please, let’s not join the apes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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haha i sent some money there months back, glad you bought some corn