Post Mortem on Pickle DAI Jar

Advocate that we spend some available funds to perform a post mortem of the exploited pDai jar.

Given the progress and value under management, was the change to the strategy audited and by who? Can we employ someone for a post mortem of the actions taken so we can mitigate in the future.

What steps can we take to rebuild confidence and be stronger than before.

Has anyone made a proposal for some kind of measure to reimburse affected members, even if a long-term or partial solution?

I’m aware that nothing is guaranteed and I would make no claim to any such entitlement from using Pickle. I just feel, if at all possible, some efforts should be made to help our affected community members, many much more invested than myself.

I’ve since heard positive information with regards to how the developers are truly working to get to the bottom of what happened with respected members of the community and next steps, and I’m eager to hear more.

I wanted to update this post with the new information I’ve received.

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This is a big test for Pickle. If they can come back from this like Harvest, Nicehash or any other of the past hacked Crypto sites, then chances are, Pickle will be a big deal in the future. If they crumble now then it would just be an acceleration of the inevitable, which for a Hodl’er means total loss at some point along the way.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” only applies to people prepared to struggle against all odds. This is the fork in the road that will reveal if the Pickle team has the grit necessary to be important. I am hopeful.

I’ve taken advantage of a low Pickle price to bump up my position. Lets see if I’ve called it right.


This will come. First let the team secure the remaining funds and perform their post mortem.


This is the technical post mortem

I am looking forward to the protocol/process oriented one for deployment, as well. I truly believe we can use this period to improve our processes and attractiveness of the Pickle Community.