Proposal - Add WalletConnect support to the UI

Abstract - Add WalletConnect support to the Pickle Finance UI. WalletConnect is an important piece of Ethereum infrastructure and allows secure mobile wallets to directly connect to and stake on Pickle.

About yourself - I’m an experienced Web3 developer and I’ve worked on and built front-ends for projects in the space.

Solution & motivation - I will submit a PR to the Pickle repo which gives options when selecting the wallet for different ways to connect. This will include support for WalletConnect but there are also other options that can be added with this solution such as Fortmatic, etc.

Deliverables & timeline - Within 1 week from approval, the PR will be submitted.

Cost - 1 ETH for the submission and approval of the PR.


Good proposal but this would be down to the development team to decide whether they have capacity/capability to do this themselves. I agree it should be a consideration at some point.

The idea is that I’d be able to supplement the development team and do it for a small fee.