[Proposal] Buying Add Space on Liquidity Vision for Promoting Pickle Finance

Abstract - Marketing is an important component of every project or company doing things digitally. Pickle finance being in DeFi needs it the most. My proposal is to start by buying add space on https://liquidity.vision/ which is used by 1000s of crypto user to track their IL

About yourself - I’m a Pickle

Solution & motivation - Dr. Eggplant from liquidity vision can give us the pricing option and if price is reasonable then we can allocate the money from treasury for add space.

Deliverables & timeline - We would need someone good in banner creation and right message for the add. We would also need mechanism to track the ROI of money we spend on advertisement.

Cost - Need to be discussed with Dr. Eggplant and his team.


Awww. Thanks guys! As you know Harvest just did their grant which we won #1 in and I think with this press we could parlay some of that attention to PICKLE as well.

https://liquidity.vision 's ad space is for sale and we’re pretty widely used by DeFi farmers. If the Pickle team is up for it, perhaps our banner ad space can be purchased to advertise PICKLE to everyone who uses the site. This would support the ETH ecosystem (like the Harvest grant), PICKLE obviously, liquidity.vision, and your favorite Eggplant :eggplant:

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Bid: 1 :cucumber:

But really … Can we have some stats? Uniques, page/banner views, session times?

And a rate/CPM?

It’s a good idea but would need to make sure it’s a worthwhile deal vs other ad options. Unless this is viewed as a kind of ‘grant’ …

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We intentionally haven’t been collecting any information on our users in the interest of complete privacy so we have no metrics to share. What we do know is anecdotally, everyone seems to be using this tool and its front and center for a large portion of the DeFi community.

If it helps to view this as a grant, that’s fine. I think it would be beneficial to Pickle, to us, and show a good sign of support to the broader Ethereum/DeFi infrastructure builder community.

You don’t even have # pageviews or visits via whoever your hosting provider is? Or number of impressions that current banners get? I wouldn’t see how that is an invasion of privacy, but anyway.

Not doubting LV’s importance and popularity in the DeFi community, it’s an awesome tool. But some idea of scale is important here I think, otherwise how does the community place a value on it?

Maybe repositioning as a grant with added benefit, given that you love Pickle (and presumably others in the LV team?), would be easier.

Great idea Doc! I vote to have all of liquidity.vision’s branding to be white-gloved in pickle’s image.

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It’s hard to determine how much we should spend on banner placement without visitor numbers (unique visit, bounce rate, etc).

Maybe Liquidity.vision and Pickle can have special arrangement?

From my point of view, it would be more judicious to invest in a communication touching the “general public” (like Google Ads for example).

The Defi universe is mostly frequented by people who are already very familiar with cryptocurrencies and their financial opportunities (as well as their risks!).
These users use Twitter / 4chan / Discord / Telegram / forums … to guide and orient themselves on the news and innovations in the use of decentralized finance.
Before even knowing about this fabulous tool that is liquidity.vision, I think they have already heard of Pickle and therefore would not be particularly influenced by an advertisement on a hyper-specialized website (they are not curious who visit liquidity.vision but knowledgeable LP holders).

If a communication campaign were to be necessary, why not consider using tools that reach a wider audience?
A public that has not yet taken the plunge because they do not know where to start, and therefore seeking more “general” information in relation to DeFi (search engines, cryptographic and financial popular websites, etc.).

Regarding liquidity.vision and a possible way to remunerate it, why not offer a page referencing the platforms supported by this tool?
The listed platforms should pay a “referral fee” to be listed and linked…
Emerging platforms would be more quickly identified by regular users <-> People who frequently use liquidity.vision might be interested in platforms that they were not yet aware of and supported by this tool.

These are just a few ideas, I might be wrong, but I reiterate that most liquidity.vision users today have mostly heard of PICKLE and that an ad won’t bring much more capital and would not be relevant.