[Proposal] - Pickle.Finance POAPs

  • Abstract - Provide community engagement through POAP design. POAPs for Pickle events, milestones, pool users, other that users may want.

  • About yourself - I have a lot of experience creating and distributing POAPs for Rocketpool (hence "RPL"grime) and other projects. I also recently got a grant from UNI to create a POAP for Community Call #6 which is about 2-3 weeks away. I can share graphic work I’ve done in the crypto space, although some of the RP designs are pretty loose since I don’t work for them. Check this link for a few POAPs and yield farms I’ve worked with: Portfolio for Pickle - Google Drive

  • Solution & motivation - In communities that start giving out POAPs, people get rabid for them. It’s really just a layer of fun, but the secret I have observed in action is that POAPs will get people to attend, listen, and watch things they otherwise would not. To Pickle devs, literally just go to Rocketpool Discord #trading and say “I have POAP links, who wants one?” and watch the fun begin. I am one of a handful that regularly contributes to that community by way of design.

  • Deliverables & timeline - I think I can create most any POAP within 2 hours, give it 3 if animated, and 4 if extra complex. I can turn around any POAP within 48 hours worst case, usually faster.

  • Cost - I propose to be paid in Polygon Pickle, $30/hr, so a typical POAP is about $60, but often I can finish within the first hour depending on what it is.

  • Vote - 1) Approve Pickle POAP Proposal (PPP!), or 2) Reject PPP

Community, let me know if you’re into this idea! Thanks.
RPLgrime #6980


I vote 1
I have seen RPLgrime’s work on POAPs and it is great. Everyone loves them.

Hey, appreciate the post and I like your work.

While I do like the idea of introducing POAPS, we have our own affiliated artist who we work with for this kind of thing.

Thanks for the reply.
I am open to working with your artist and of course that’s his call and final say on anything released.
For now, I’ll count this as a “no thanks”, but I’ll be around.

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