[Proposal] Time-Sensitive Issue (Re: Team Compensation), DAO needs to Step Up

Three team members contracts will expire imminently. A committee needs to be appointed to review and extend their contracts.

About myself:
I’m a Dill member, have an interest in DeFi, and aped my money into this protocol and don’t want it to die.


It’s my understanding that several paid team members have their contracts expiring in less than a week (4 days?). These members include LeeKuanJew, Chimaera, and 0xAnon. In addition to these three, I believe Brine-Master Larry’s PICKLE grants, which vested over a six month period and were expected to be reviewed six months later, will expire next month as well.

The DAO has not approved, nor even been requested to look at, a proposal for budget to extend these contracts. The team seems to be super busy developing new jars, expanding partnerships, and continuing the business of Pickle.

Perhaps more importantly, there’s a clear conflict of interests in the Dev team proposing their own salaries in a PIP for the DAO to rubber-stamp. Our DAO has an absurdly high acceptance rate on proposals, at one hundred percent. The Devs could propose almost any number and surely find the votes somewhere to approve the salaries.

Previous salary negotiations were run by committees of protocol-friendly actors, which is a good thing in general. However, many of those members of previous committees have not remained active in the protocol. Even worse, several of those committee members are the very people up for review and cannot realistically vote on the salary or compensation of their team members or their boss.

Previous committee members:

PIP-31 (Larry’s compensation) was “put together with the help of the Pickle team and the assistance of multi-sig member Mah_Dills”

PIP-34 (Expand Core Team Budget) was run by: “A hiring committee consisting of the Pickle core team (Larry_Cucumber, 0xkoffee, unlocker, purplezky, leekuanjew, chimaera, anoniminis), independent multi-sig members (jintao, Mah_Dills), and Brinery members (Rooster_Cogburn77, sifu, yyctrader)”


I hereby propose a “Select Committee on Continuing Operations and Compensation” appointed in the following manner:

  • (1) Larry the Cucumber, as grand maestro of this operation with an undeniable track record, shall be a member and the presiding officer unless the Committee decides otherwise
  • (2) Jintao, a past committee member and multi-sig signer who is on retainer for our critical infrastructure but is not a salaried worker, shall be a member for his experience with both development and compensation in DeFi
  • (3, 4) Two members to be appointed by Larry the Cucumber, so long as they are not a subject of the current review, at least one of which must have experience with hiring and compensation in DeFi
  • (5, 6, 7) Three DillDao members to be be selected by a Discord vote of the DillDao, lasting 36 hours so that all interested members have an opportunity to be nominated and votes can be switched as nominations expand.

The Mandate of the Committee shall be first and foremost to guarantee, to the best of the committee’s ability, the continuing operations of the protocol by quickly and efficiently analyzing the current contracts and all other submitted information, and then proposing a compensation plan specific to those requiring extensions to their contracts.

The Secondary Mandate of the Committee, once the first Mandate has been accomplished, will be to standardize the compensation plans for our protocol more generally, to better ensure tiers, titles, and salary bands, and hiring and firing processes, that are appropriate for the industry and our protocol more specifically.


  1. Larry the Cucumber may not vote on any salary, bonus, or other compensation to be paid to Larry the Cucumber

I further propose we immediately extend, for one week, the contracts of all core team members whose contracts are set to expire, in order to allow time for the committee to do its work.


Approve the committee appointed in the above manner and extend all expiring by contracts by one week?
  • Proceed to Proposal
  • Do Nothing

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I vote #1. This a great write up and big step towards transparency. The relinquishing of control might feel uneasy, but it’s a inevitable step all organizations need to go through to get to the next stage.

I voted 1, but we should probably amend that to 1 month. 1 week seems very rushed.

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+1 to setting the timeframe to 1 month.

Specific goals:

  • 10 days after PIP passes: Committee members finalized.
  • 24 days after PIP passes: Committee completes proposal for salaries, performance based incentives, writes a proposal for the DAO to vote on.

on this item, I am not sure we have the tech for this at the moment, but I am no Discord wizard. I believe the nominations might have to be submitted in advance of the vote as the poll will not be able to be amended on the fly without losing votes. The implication here is that this vote will be held under block voting rules (people can vote on more than one nominee and the 3 people with the most votes get in on the committee).

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I believe the solution laid out is a great start at, as you said, standardizing this process. As others have pointed out, a one week extension could lead to a rushed conclusion by the Committee. I also agree that this should be amended to one month instead, as that will give the DAO the time needed to nominate, then approve the Committee membership, as well as give the Committee time to consider the Primary and Secondary Mandate.

As to the issue brought up by LKJ, I think this could be solved through a two-step process: a pinned forum post, or a temporary discord channel, would be used for the nomination period, in which any DillDAO member may nominate a fellow member. Once this period is over, an Approval Voting system is used, in which the three nominees with the highest approval are appointed.

As for the specifics, I’m sure we can hash out a consensus via this post and in the DillDAO channel. If it is agreed upon to give ourselves a month extension, perhaps the nomination and voting periods could each last 48-72 hours? Should there be a limit on the number of nominations someone can make?

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Yes, prolonging the proposal might be better, 1 month bridge payments don´t make a difference

I just want to add that the DILLDao members should also be accountable, if they have no experience or knowledge in the field, they should at least try to educate themselves on the matter.

In general I would prefer a voting process where people that want to do the task, post their skills or experience relevant to the task. Community members then can decide which individual is up to the task.


A really good initiative Bwar! That’s a big step for us to further strengthen our comunity👌 And I also agree about candidates showing their competence before voting


Great work as always Mr Bwar, there are a few employers amongst the dill dao who will likely have the experience to help with this :grin: :+1:

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Voted, yeah further another month for devs to get paid, dont want to leave them hanging :smiley:

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Great proposal. Would love to support.

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