pSLP vs SLP - Yield Farming

Can someone please explain the difference between pSLP SPELL / ETH and SLP SPELL / ETH and why would be offering 233137.07% (1y) for yield farming of pSLP SPELL / ETH and only 27.34% (1y) for SLP SPELL / ETH?

Lastly, how do you get those pSLP tokens? I provided liquidity on SushiSwap for SPELL / ETH and then deposited and staked them on Pickle Finance, but I can’t seem to get those pSLP tokens.


Hi Vish, I recommend you join our Discord here, and tag a mod in the support channel (or any channel, once you can access them).

To answer your question, once you have the deposited and staked on Pickle Finance the pSLP token will be on the staking contract, that’s why you “don’t have them” but since it is a non-custodial solution, only you can unstake and thus retrieve the pSLP token. All our jars give “pTokens” as receipts of deposit to users.