Random ideas from a newbie

Alright folks, I have learnt a great deal from this project in a span of 2 days and really think there is so much that this community has in acquired knowledge that can be shared around for the greater good. Here is a mind dump of some of my proposals. Hope it catches the eyes of the community mods and other active members from the community. Would really like the community to comment/ criticize adding value to this thread.

  1. Gas burning efficiency, is there a way to batch approve all pickle LP tokens so that a $$ fee is not always required. It’s a choice that some may not be willing to make but I would take it especially when you are dealing with small amounts in funds. The same goes with being able to unstake/ harvest all. I am not a programmer or solidity literate, but hoping the ‘smart’ in the contracts could do some cool batch magic!

  2. What about being able to easily swap between LPs. The SWAPs have no easily available information on how they work and what it involves, fees etc. Would like to have a write up about the swaps which I think are an amazing idea.

  3. A library channel with basically an alphabetic order of topics and relevant info curated for newbies and experienced. E.g What are Yield Farms, Topics such as provide liquidity, AMMs, APYs, IL.

  4. Simple DIY videos made by the community and vetted by mods to show simple tasks of how to go about entering a farm, JAR or Swap. These will be invaluable when the masses come along or for any one new or inexperienced. I wish I had the money to enter a Farm or Jar again… but alas I fear and cant afford the ‘Gas’ burn!!

  5. May be small rewards for community members providing real quality feedback and ideas. This is me trying to get some nano, micro or mini pickle power cheekily!! Haha.


Some good ideas in here!

Thanks for your feedback @projectuwb! We appreciate you offering your perspective on the state of things here. I’ll try to address your points in turn:

  1. Approving the spending of all LP tokens might be seen as a security risk, as the user should only be approving what they plan to spend at that particular time. Also, this unfortunately wouldn’t result in gas savings, because approve is an ERC-20 function called on a token contract itself. So to approve the spending of all 3 pUNI tokens for example, it would call 3 separate smart contracts! Unstaking/harvesting all would also not save any gas, as our MasterChef contract only supports requests for a single pool at a time. The calls could potentially be batched into a single button for user convenience, however.

  2. Our intention was for the swaps to work so easily that users don’t have to think about it. Behind the scenes, it calls Uniswap’s permit function - see more here: https://uniswap.org/docs/v2/smart-contracts/pair-erc-20/#permit

  3. We’re working on a dedicated resources/docs page :slight_smile:

  4. We’re hoping the docs page would accomplish what the videos would do. But we always welcome community contributions!

  5. I’d totally like to see community contribution be incentivized. We’ll be setting up a community operated treasury soon, so we could introduce that as an idea when that’s up and running.

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Wow, @Larry_Cucumber, I am humbled that you took the time to reply to this post. It was just something I was hoping would generate more interest in the newbie community. As you can understand, I think the DEFI space is not really newbie friendly but if a project like pickle takes to educating the masses and also implements UI to minimize friction along with providing easy to understand yiled bearing stategies and low cost of entry and exit, it would bring along a lot of the smaller fish who are either lost or getting rekd trying to capitalise on this crypto revolution. Thanks again for your replies. They all make sense.


It’s a balancing act for sure. On the one hand, being friendly to new users is a great way to gain traction. On the other hand, I think it’s important that folks understand the risks involved. This is not really a newbie friendly space in that there are so many hidden costs and risks.

As I’m sure you realize, I’m super committed to providing as much education as possible to the pickle community as possible. But I also think it’s extremely important that users take the time to understand the risks that they are exposing themselves to.

You’ve done a great job of educating yourself on DeFi, keep asking questions!

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I am a writer if you need any help with the resource page and content stuff :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Are you in our discord? Shoot me a line.

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I’m not yet, but will join now and message you.

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I thing our little gherkin @Larry_Cucumber pouched on great few points here. The most important one is whole stacking ^ LP thing. I remember when I was first time doing this it was soooo confusing for me - obv not talking about pickle here that was earlier but still def some tutorial for people would be welcome.

Maybe a short vid?
Someone pointed out that new UI is in preparation so maybe its better to wait and do this when things get stable.

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