Recognizing Pickle's Community Contributions

Pickle Finance is a community first project and we rely heavily on the community to help shape and advance our protocol. There are so many of you who have put in tremendous amounts of time and effort to make Pickle Finance what it is today.

So as you’ve been brining away, your efforts have not gone unnoticed :cucumber::pray:

Invitation for nominations

We would like to invite our community members to nominate other members and recognize them for something they’ve contributed to the project. It can be anything you appreciate them for:

  • building awesome tools :wrench:
  • making content :art:
  • community outreach :handshake:
  • keeping the peace in Discord :peace_symbol:
  • … you name it! :muscle:

We want to compile a list of members that YOU feel have been impactful. With this list in hand, we as a community can decide how we would like to properly thank these members.

Repeat nominations are welcome! We want to make sure that everyone is able to express their gratitude freely here.


@leekuanjew - deep understanding of the smart treasury topic, impressed by his brain, haven’t seen him in other topics that much, but that’s probably just my pov
@jintao - built the subgraph, overall helpful community member
@chimaera - always around, participates in all kinds of discussion with value contributions
@Scotty -early writings and good sport
@Gabriel - education of our non pickled brothers
@Mah_Dills - should be celoprotocol - helps us all find what’s important, good voice of reason
@jjdubs - currently MIA, but wrote the first newsletter, hope he continues that work
@projectuwb - good to have around, adds value to any conversation
Tomato_Juxx - has been quite active in discord and forum the last few days with good contributions
IrrI - kicked off a good marketing conversations
dafacto - built the website
@John_Lilic - although not around so much recently I have enjoyed his takes in the past

(I ran out of allowed mentions)

Just on top of my head and not really well researched, I could have butchered some description and missed some people.
I have not included mods on purpose, but they should probably all be on the list.


Larry thanks for creating this post. Having been around Pickle since Week 2, I guess I have not always been present around Discord, but always try to catch up on good conversation. In no particular order here are some of the community members that I think have always been there and contributed for the good of Pickle. I am sure I missed a some contributors, and hope other community members catch everyone that has been great for the Pickle ecosystem in this thread!

All community moderators, I don’t know each one of them, but every one that I have had a conversation with have always been helpful. Massive thanks to all of you for being there day in day out and helping out the newbs and also providing value in Discord conversations.!

@jjdubs - I have to credit him with my Pickle journey and actually educating me on DeFI basics with some cool ELI5 stories. Great understanding of DeFI concepts and can explain them in a newbie friendly way! I have not seen him around lately but really hope that he still believes and sticks around PICKLE!

@scotty - Great medium articles - Again brilliant at explaining stuff and writing coherent and persuasive articles. Always there to help and committed.!!

@Mah_Dills - Good understanding of the project, always involved in the critical conversations on Discord and provides valuable feedback.

@0xBoxer - Introduced me to Dune Analytics. Super cool dashboards and again always involved and provides value to critical conversations on Discord.

@picklegohan - Hilarious memes, keeps twitter lively and is our mascot. Always creates content that sparks conversation and brings in some big guns like Bobby ong to discord. This guy is just cool to have around!

@IrrI - Again great initiative. Talks the talk and walks the walk, follows through - can see that in the Pickle forum.

@dafacto - Again very informative on Discord. Always educational views and great to have on critical conversations.
—EDIT: Adding the following tags who have always provided great value conversation on Discord:
@leekuanjew - Always great contribution on the forums, writes really well and puts their point across in an easy to read narrative.
@chimaera - Always there to answer questions within his realm and also always see him contributing on the Forum.

---------- EDIT - MVP - @yyctrader wow… this dude is just plain explosive. Just finished reading his feedback ([RFC] Curve Vote-locking Proposal) on the vision for pickle, what he sees for the future as a community member and how he has dissected the current situation. This is just golden. Its almost every question I had in my mind which he had either solutions for or some work around. Truly amazed at the quality of the post and the feel proud to be involved in a project that has community members like this!

The best part about each one of the above tagged is that every time there is a conversation on a new strategy, governance or anything else that really matters, these guys are always there to provide feedback and reading through Discord conversations that involve them educates others. That’s the best about each of these users tagged above!


@0xBoxer – taking the lead on data visualization.
@Scotty – keeps the spirits high when the FUD starts to spread.
@Mah_Dills – (aka CeloProtocol) always focuses discussion on moving the project’s fundamentals forward.
@Peachy – the voice of reason on Discord, mad persuasion skillz, top modmin.
@yyctrader – our chartist in-house translator, great takes on #price-talk and sentiment overall.

I am sure I am forgetting people. We have a wonderful community, the devs double as generous and extremely reasonable besides top technical ability and very strong values.

I never really enjoyed DeFi before but it’s been addictive since being part of Pickle!


Shesh it’s a difficult one, so many good members who bring different qualities to the project - I agree with all of the above recommendations and instead of posting them all again I’ll try and bring some more deserving names to the party

@projectuwb - has written and planned AMA/podcast for pickle but unfortunately I forgot to record, cares deeply about the project and is very balanced
@Bobbysands - he’s an active community member always spreading optimistic views and has written well about pickle
@jjdubs - helpful, active and is developing pickle press among other things

Very active members who work to make the community more educated and resilient in discord or on the forums who I see during my timezone

piet aka PicklePete
Gabriel Nergaard

There are a lot more as we all have a part to play in the culture of the community, but I’ll end up listening everyone which I guess defeats the purpose x


haha but you are active on the forums and even if you don’t think you’re doing anything, it’s an important role to keep the ideas and questions flowing

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I would like to nominate our kick ass discord wizard @gorby


Thank you for the recognition Scotty, much appreciated. But as we spoke about I do not expect any gift etc, let’s just keep building and spreading the word. We are on the right track.

Vale le pickle.


haha thankyou sir! much appreciate the shout out

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honestly, love for everyone here. devs and all my friends online and on discord… all are great and proud to be here and contribute anyway I can