Rewarding Pickel + UNI

I already see the jars doing this. Could someone from the team also display the UNI’s that accumulates over time. Also, would it be possible to show some UML diagram or workflow of how this works on the software level? Yearn did something similar with the yEth vault. Please do consider these queries.

Much appreciated. great project

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You might have misunderstood what the pUni jars do. They sell all they uni the get and swap them for the more ETH and whatever stablecoin you are using and reinvest them.

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The UNI gets dumped to buy more of your LP token hence increasing the value of your pUNIStable LP token

So i Buy more ETH/dai-( My LP- Punidai being my LPtoken for the jar.) from the burnt UNI? if this is how it works. Does my Dai increase by value or the eth.

Right. so the stablecoin token increases over the time. in my case Punidai. and also i get to farm pickles on the side.

Both…because the lp tokens always stay at 50/50.

The number of UNI LP token you staked increases in count and not necessarily increasing in value as the value in $ of the UNI LP token still depends on the individual token prices.

To calculate how much your pUNIDAI is worth

your total pUNIDAI * 1.00542978790752065 UNIV2 DAI/ETH LP (Value of 1 pUNIDAI in UNIV2 DAI/ETH LP )

Then, replace “1” after the “pairAmount=” in this link with your above result.