[RFC] GREEN stablecoin by Pickle Finance

Background theses:

1 Forking and modifying Liquity is impossible. Forking Liquity with change of the token name is easy.

2 ETH will be increasingly expensive to use, Optimism will be affordable

3 $500+m valuation for LQTY is generous, launch gave the team a decent stake

4 One of the biggest opportunities in DeFi is forking free-to-fork projects.

5 Low margin, fair launch projects gather attention.

Announce that Liquity is great but too expensive on ETH. Pickle Finance launches an exact copy fork on Optimism. Stablecoin GREEN backed by, let’s say, $TICKLE.
3% premine to DILL holders
99.9% kickback rate for the frontend, 0.1% split between DILL and Pickle Finance treasury

Announcement 1+ month before rollout. Wide information campaign that we will not do a YFI (notify after the launch and after we premine it). Fair launch. 97% of $TICKLE will go to community that bootstraps the fork.

What’s in it for Pickle?

  • 3% premine could end up very valuable
  • 0.1% fee from 99.9% kickback could end up being a significant revenue but is low enough to discourage others from offering 100%
  • traffic and publicity will draw people to pickle, make them learn about Pickle and maybe deposit

license - MIT, checked
Lee is fascinated with LQTY, I hope he’ll like the idea