[RFC] Migrate tsuke compounding on LQTY jar from uniswap v2 to v3

Our new liquity jar, pJar 0.98l, is our protocol’s first released symbiotic jar. Currently it accepts uniswap v2 tokens. The liquidity for this jar’s underlying tokens is much lower on v2 than on v3. To give this jar the greatest compounding results, and greatest chance of success to maximize returns for those entering, exiting, or remaining in the liquidity pool, the Pickle Finance team should allow tsuke use the uniswap v3 liquidity pool when compounding this jar if it has better prices.

As the first symbiotic jar, the success or failure of this particular jar can have greater ramifications for Pickle and the future success of our symbiotic strategy, which we hope to expand the use of. Better compounds mean better results for our users.


Can we? Would love it to see we buy at better rate!

To clarify something here, ideally this would be the case for ALL our jars. If our jars can compound on a v3 version or on an alternate platform for cheaper, tsuke should be doing that. It will maximize returns for our users, which means better compounds, which means better tvl, which means better future revenue.

maybe a better approach would be to check both price on v2 and v3 and use the best one? this may use too much gas if done at the contract level, so do it in the contract caller instead using off chain prices?

An aggregator seems like the go to choice here? Or maybe even an aggregator of aggregators (debank uses matcha, 1inch, and paraswap for token swaps). Then there also is cowswap.

Is there any risk by doing so expect gas cost? If not I totally agree to optimize our LQTY (I m invested in it btw) and globally all of our Jars🤓