[RFC] Modfify pickle rewards for the MIM-ETH jar


This proposal wants to start the conversation to change the distribution of PICKLE assigned to the MIM-ETH jar 0.99m3.

Current status

At the moment of writing this request the jar 0.99m3 has $7,335.68 locked after a significant drop from ~150K$.


This jar currently has an APY in the range of 88.48%-160.75%
where 48%-120% comes from the pickle REWARDS


After the recent drama and taking into account the drop on deposited assets to this pool I propose to remove or adjust the pickle rewards to this jar depending on what the community wants to do with it.

This post would be useful to hear different opinions and get a initial poll of want the pickle users and DILL holders want to do.

EDIT: @Cipio commented on discord that is not possible to change the distribution by the team on mainnet but I would like to do the same on other chains where this jar exists

  • Do nothing
  • Adjust rewards (lower)
  • Adjust rewards (higher)
  • Completely remove rewards for this jar

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push! Still important for the future

I think the rewards should be removed, but considering how little is deposited it’s not a significant amount of pickle being issued.