[RFC] re-deploy pDAI and deploy pUSDC strategy

I’ll keep it short

  • SUSHI LPs will go away with yearn integration.
  • we have a product that has been vetted as thoroughly as can be (post hack).
  • we need something that’s not plain-old LPing (no matter if UNI or SUSHI).
  • If yearn has their own DAI/USDC strategies, so be it. No one will lose out if people split their funds. Our strategies are likely better.

I propose to vote to task our dev(s) to (re)deploy these two strategies.

I propose that a portion of the dev/treasury fees go towards the CORN fund.
I propose to vote on the aforementioned and the PICKLE distribution after this vote has passed.


I definitely think if we can redeploy now, that is great. But from my understanding once we move to yearn vaults we are deprecating outside jars/farms that are not deployed through the Yearn process.
Thus, i recommend that we push for the deployment of our strategy through the Yearn strategy as well given the discussed partnership. This may require us to further clarify the differentiation of our strategies for separate approach. But I agree we need to not lose what we do well.

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good points all around.
then we should at least get this prepared (it’s our own “invention”, nonetheless), so we can get it deployed the same day we integrate.

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Feels like yearn is taking over and to be honest the latest farms (sushi) offer nothing ,maybe I didn’t see it but was there a community vote on that ?

I don’t like what is going on ,on pickle , I’m around for the corn people’s sake

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Initially, I was of the opinion that we shouldn’t spend governance/dev time on re-deploying the pDAI jar, but I think there’s little harm in proceeding with the re-deployment and then assessing whether people want emissions directed there. We’ll get the ball rolling on that :slight_smile:

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