[RFC] Re-vote for OKExChain emissions distribution

Oiriginal thread: https://forum.pickle.finance/t/rfc-okexchain-emissions-distribution/

We collectively dropped the ball here, for such a big decision there was low turnout, with only 51 voters, compared to 103 when voting for Polygon rewards. We probably all suffered a bit of voter fatigue, lethargy and maybe some complacency - which resulted in a lack of enthusiasm across the board and low turn-out. The fact is the consensus of the majority of the DILLDAO got voted against by two very large wallets, with the largest DILL holder deciding to vote against late on (their prerogative), but without anyone else noticing, it left the DILLDAO unable to lobby others -

This is a call for a re-vote on the issue, as it could bring much benefit to pickle!

Should there be a re-vote on OKExChain emissions distribution?

  • Yes
  • No

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The birds are chirping that the result of the vote is not an attempt to destroy Pickle or annoy the core team.

The primary problem is that there should have been a vote: “where should Pickle focus the resources for new chain deployment” with the results looking somewhat like this:
1 Arbitrum
2 Avalanche
3 Optimism (pending the chain taking off)
4 Fantom
5 maybe some other chains
6 Okex

Since the decision has been made to deploy on the friendlies Okex chain, the vote had 2 realistic choices in regards to the proportion of Pickle going to Okex: 17% and 0%.

There is no easy and transparent way for DILL holders to cut rewards going to Okex in the event of deployment being considered unsuccessful. There is a risk of the deployment being unsuccessful and unprofitable with these 17% rewards running on Okex chain for longer than necessary. Its entirely reasonable for a person skeptical about the Okex chain to vote 0% instead of 17%.

Making a plan to review these rewards around 1 month into the deployment would allow Okex chain skeptics to give it the benefit of doubt.

By the way, that vote has been there for at least 8 hours. That means that the wallet has chosen to vote many hours early instead of voting in the last seconds. Using such language and assuming no merit behind the choice is just unnecessarily vilifying the larger wallet.

I voted yes in your proposal. I remain skeptical about Okex chain but I’m ok with 17% rewards going to okex followed by a review in 1 month.

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@croma It would be very nice if some more of those birds could chirp in the discord to share their thoughts with us. It’d also be nice if the team shared their objectives with everyone further in advance to allow for plenty of time for discussion, as well. So there’s room for improvement on both sides.

@croma If you could encourage some of those birds that chirp to come to the discord and share their thoughts, it might be very helpful to achieving consensus earlier, before a pip with limited options is the only way to vote.

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Good comments rawb

The birds are chirping in the Discord as well. Just not in the hidden dilldao channel which requires DILL verification. Not very open, but it does achieve some spam-resistance if that’s the goal. I’d recommend making dilldao channel public, I don’t see a reason why that chat needs to be hidden.

Unfortunately the first mention of Okex chain deployment outside of the dilldao Discord was the 2 day forum question: “what should be the rewards on the Okex chain” immediately followed by the vote.

Now that there was room to express skepticism about the Okex chain, it’s fair to reschedule the previous vote, hopefully with the plan to review the rewards in some time, maybe 1 month.

I’m on my phone and I can’t format this properly - I am certainly not vilifing the larger wallet - I said that they voted late on which was their prerogative and nobody realised in time. As a community we got complacent.