[RFC] Recognizing Pickle's Community Contributions Pt. 2


In this previous thread, we invited people to show their appreciation for other community members. There have been a bunch of great responses so far.

After consultation with the mods, we would like to bring this to the next stage - to give a token of appreciation for the commitment that many of you have shown to Pickle Finance.


We have created a draft list of proposed awards to different community members sorted by contribution tiers. As a starting point, we propose 8 ETH / 4 ETH / 2 ETH award tiers.

:green_heart:GREEN Contributors (8 ETH)

@0xBoxer (Dune dashboards)
@jintao (creator of https://pickle-jar.info/)

:yellow_heart:GOLD Contributors (4 ETH)

@jjdubs (mod / multi-sig / former Discord #1)
@Peachy (mod / multi-sig / Telegram mod)
@dafacto (creator of https://pickle.fyi/)
@Totally_Not_Gorby (Discord wizard)

:white_heart:SILVER Contributors (2 ETH)

@Raaaababa (PicklePete) (mod / Pickle’s PR conscience)
@yyctrader (mod / chief TA chartist)
@Anoniminis (mod)
@Tippy (mod)
@Mah_Dills (CeloProtocol) (multi-sig keyholder)
@PickleGohan (Twitter advocate)
@Scotty (Medium stories)
@leekuanjew (smart treasury advocate)
@jrrrrrr (fire videos)
@chengzi (chinese community mod)
@瓜哥 (chinese community mod)

Awards would be paid out in ETH from the Treasury. At current prices, the award payout based on this proposed list is worth around $22k.


The above list is by no means set in stone and we want to hear your honest opinions on who should be additionally included or moved around.

Please also share any general comments or thoughts on this proposal. This is all about recognizing YOU guys. This community is what makes Pickle Finance awesome :pray:


I fully support this proposal! I would recommend the rewards be in the form of Pickle (would put a little buy pressure on Pickle :-P)


I’m also in support of rewarding contributors. I think it would be valuable to get a nice spreadsheet with the above information to be transparent with any and all payments received (including anything up to this point. It would be nice to include some basic info on the contributor like “Pickler/community member since ____”.) The spreadsheet can be used to show timeframe of commitment and if/when we need to revisit distributing more rewards. Perhaps 4 tiers is in order because I feel @yyctrader and @Mah_Dills distinguish themselves among the Silver contributors (just my opinion).

I definitely think it’s important to have a clear process; if we are working towards a DAO, it is imperative to design a system that prevents any sort of gaming to maintain the integrity and success of the project in the long term. I only bring this up because conflicts of interest must be addressed because they will arrive if they haven’t already (competing projects, “influencers,” and short-term bag-holders, who by all means have a right to participate but their short-term interests ignored)


I am in favor of everything that is announced and proposed.
Many thanks to all the nominees for their work and their support :+1:


hey hey!! Thanks for this @Larry_Cucumber! I will take my 2eth and proudly market buy some more PICKLE!


Happy for this to proceed, all deserving candidates!


This some Big PICKLE energy right here. Cheers!


Great initiative to reward some of the best in the community. I agree with the proposal however, (i may be biased due to my extensive time spent reading all the posts and replies on important topics on the forum) I feel that @leekuanjew and @yyctrader have had a lot of effort in presenting their views for many of the PIP discussions and also new strategies. I have personally been able to digest the information so much better when i have read their posts and has helped me immensely when i voted for the PIPs. I think they deserve being in the Gold Contributors. Again not taking away from the silver contributors, i think each one has done a great job, just that in my opinion these two deserve better.


Another vote for @yyctrader who seems to be everywhere answering questions and being involved with the community.


Can I vote myself? I wrote these documentations and built a dashboard:

And found a few data discrepancies across couple Pickle’s dashboards.

That was my entry for pickle challenge

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@studentpickler @projectuwb @IrrI

Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot :slightly_smiling_face:
Glad that my contributions have helped the community…I really don’t want more.
I’m honoured to be on this list…there are so many deserving community members.

Like I keep saying, it’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a project…so I’m more than happy to keep spamming the forums and discord :laughing:


@yyctrader Go for the Gold, baby! Although I agree – the :green_heart: GREEN DIAMOND :green_heart: prize here is to have a turbocharged community, PIPs that push us all forward, and to keep attracting the brightest minds and capital in Crypto.


Thank you for your work on that @Kuan_Huang, it’s very impressive. I think what you’ve created is more appropriate for the challenge - the people in the proposed list are all very active participants in our Discord community and this was more about awarding those comunity contributions. However, I think that your submission stands a really good chance of winning something in the challenge :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the recognition! I am happy to be part of such a great community and look forward to getting to be a part of this project as it moves into maturity.


I think @dafacto should be in the GREEN. His site has helped many understand Pickle.


I propose that @jrrrrrr be bumped up…
Amazing creative contributions! Keep them coming!

  1. Stake PICKLEs, Stack WETH
  2. Orange is the new Green (credit to @Tomato_Juxx as well)
  3. Animated Discord emoji
  4. National Pickle Day gif

I propose that @yyctrader should be bumped up 1, if not 2 tiers. Always positive, spreading knowledge, and active in the discord. Not to mention the technical analysis and top notch work in the forums; especially providing easy to digest numbers, helping voters to make informed decisions. This is a no briner.


A no-briner – see what you did there :brain: :cucumber: !


Proudly voted in support of this PIP. Thanks for helping the community grow!