[RFC] Team Proposal: Fennec (aka "Peckish Painter with Pale Pallor Patiently Procrastinates Pending Prophesized Payout")

Turned to PIP-41 – Vote: Snapshot


Many in the Pickle community and beyond are familiar with @fennec and his work for the DAO. In the past few months, Fennec has been involved in the following efforts:

  • creating unique art and NFTs for Pickle promotions including major jar launches, collaborations, and special occasions.
  • creating visual collateral for announcements, tweets, and articles.
  • creating illustrations, icons, and decorative elements for our rebranded UI.

Most of these can be appreciated at the Pickled NFTs collection in OpenSea.

Moreover, Fennec has been actively involved as a community member at Pickle, sharing his thoughts on digital art, NFTs, and design as well as engaging in support, encouragement, and promotion of Pickle and its products. In his public interactions as well as his creations, Fennec has shown a highly positive spirit and a truly green heart in inspiring amounts, making for great atmosphere in all community channels where he has participated.

Fennec was originally engaged as a contractor, and as our briefs to him got more frequent, he kindly agreed to a modest retainer fee which was paid out of marketing and promotional expenses. As is common with many artistic engagements in the NFT world, Fennec and Pickle also agreed to split the proceeds of the sale of Pickled NFTs with Pickle receiving the initial lump-sum payment for each NFT sold while Fennec receives a 10% royalty on each subsequent re-sale. This agreement, originally intended as a 3-month trial, has been ongoing for over 6 months.

This is a draft proposal to formalise the role of Fennec as a core team member.


If submitted to a vote and passed, this proposal will give an additional, special mandate to the recently established “Select Committee on Continuing Operations and Compensation” (approved in PIP-39) to review the current agreement between Pickle and Fennec, and approve a compensation package for Fennec that is commensurate with his expected contributions to the protocol going forward and is market-based and appropriate for our industry in general and protocol more specifically.

Fennec is now a well-regarded NFT artist, highly productive, and also dabbles effectively in other areas of graphic artistry and even UI design. I admit unremorsefully to relying on Fennec’s NFTs to close collaboration partnerships – a very effective hook. This is only expected to increase in frequency as Pickle expands its marketing and business developments efforts going forward.

Finally, it is important for our core team to have predictability in its talent resources. Fennec would not lack for opportunities if either party were to discontinue the existing engagement. However, it is the team’s opinion that letting this happen would be to our protocol’s detriment.


Empower the “Select Committee on Continuing Operations and Compensation” to approve a compensation package for Fennec
  • Proceed to Proposal
  • Do Nothing

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:green_heart: :pirate_flag: .


I like their work but why is there no competition? I’m sure there are other great artists who would love the opportunity to be Pickle’s payrolled artists. Also, hasn’t Fennec been compensated from sales?

What can i say, only love for FENNEC’s art!


Fennec has been instrumental in forming our brand identity, and intuits our culture splendidly. I can wholeheartedly endorse this RFC.


I am coming out from my summer retirement to strongly support this proposition…I may be not totally objective, but I really love both Fennec art contribution and human value. As It was him wich first got me NFTadicted.
He was born an artist and had to wait many years before getting a chance to live and shine though his art getting public thanks to his courage to follow NFT rise…and I think we are only a the beginning of his journey!
I trully want our protocol to keep on nurturing a rising artist like him, because it show how deep our bond as a community are, and our « green philosophy » aiming for long term collaboration. Also you do not throw our or let other poach the finest grapes you’ve been raising from scratch😌
Finally he is also recognized by our partner which is a really important part to become a full fledge member of pickle core team, to top it all other core members have full trust and needs his skills. To maintained their spirits is of most importance at this turning point for our protocol, so we should trust them in their needs.
I m not against other candidate, but I think « the game is already made » when you see the popularity of Fennec on Discord, which he truly deserve :wink::hugs::clap:


Well said my friend.


I came across this and thought it was kind of obnoxious especially since most of your list I can’t do cause I lost a lot in Pickle. You’ve been paid, why is this RFC framed like you haven’t been?

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  1. I’m sorry you lost money mate, but that’s not my fault.
    We all have lost money in crypto, it’s on its nature. But I genuinely hope you can do better in the future.

  2. Yes, it’s not a secret that Pickle pays me for my work (obviously).
    But at the moment I’m not hired. I’m a just a freelancer.

I can’t believe I’m about to explain a tweet, but here we go:

  1. In that tweet I was expressing my thoughts and I was trying to be thankful for this year. I’ve been working so hard and luckily I’ve had a lot of art commissions from many different sources (not only Pickle).
    And that’s what it has made me have a higher quality of life; hard work and a little bit of luck.

  2. That being said. At this point in my career what I wanna do is to focus 100% of my time and energy in ONE thing only; and that’s Pickle Finance. I just adore this project dude. You can’t help but love the community. I said it many times, I feel like I’m at home here.
    And even if I don’t get officially hired I will always be painting pickles, it’s just so much fun.



I get the tweet. It’s obnoxious. Basically look at all the great stuff I have from project(s) that got hacked and owe people money. Look at all the great stuff I have from project(s) that change tokenomics on people and crash the asset price. Good on you for finding people to exploit with your jpegs but you’re getting compensated very well it seems. How about we spent that budget on CORN or PICKLE?

I am happy that someone decided to make this post. I have wanted to do so myself for a long time (months actually), but felt that I was somewhat too invested and the time needed to be right … which it definitely is now :slight_smile:

Fennec is not only an amazing artist, but also an amazing human being. I think he would make an awesome addition to the team and help Pickle to continue to stand apart from other projects in this space.

100% yes.


You don’t need to explain yourself mate. Literally not one other person feels the same way as this individual.

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I totally agree with you Chim, everyone voice should be expressed here but i thinks this mate is a bit too much « green with envy » :smirk: don’t worry Fennec hater gotta hate to not take on themself the consequences of their own greed… :relieved:

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Sorry for you mate, I myself lost a fortune over the last’s month from scam, leveraged position, change in tokenomics hacks…that what the game is all about, we all know that before investing, you should forgive yourself…I have comprehesion but still you should not be like that about Fennec works, he deserved his past commissions for his arts and now if the DAO want to officially hire him (and I truly hope he will) because he deserved it you can’t throw you own frustration on him and be meany like that, that’s really petty…
By the way I’ve got a tips for you to make a safe investment : Coinbase and it’s 4%, you will live a better life far away from all these stress and ego trauma…do not thanks me I m a philanthropist :blush::kissing_heart:


I’m not trying to throw my frustrations on this thing but I think it’s BS that this person is getting compensated so well for basically copyrighted material while the admins like Chimera aren’t doing shit about paying back a hack and support changing the tokenomics of Pickle a year into development. Basically this is a waste of money that could go elsewhere. I see no issue with the current set up of Fennec getting paid by sales of their jpegs. If the team wants to do this correctly, allow others to share their work. We had so many submissions from the competition last fall and yet somehow Fennec has the exclusive opportunity to do this? Makes me wonder who they know on the team that entitles them to this right.

Are you for real man? Are you seriously this petty? Your bad financial decisions are not related in any way to @fennec’s success as an artist. I am having trouble understanding why you are taking this out on him. What kind of person is not happy for another who is making a living with something they love? Fennec has been nothing but good to this community, and adds incredible value to us. It makes so much sense for him to be in the direct employ of pickle!

I would be very ashamed of myself if I acted in the way you are now, like a bitter coward. If you’ve got a problem don’t be a coward, get on the discord and come have a chat.


How is it cowardice? Nobody yet has addressed why this isn’t a competitive positon? It’s basically being handed to Fennec. Instead of pushing some BS narrative about me being a coward and trying to get me to meet you in the Discord like a hardass, how about we actually address the issues?

So far it has just been a bunch of responses from brainwashed idiots who joined this project after the hack.

Handed to him? What are you talking about? Do you not see the vote button up there? He’s proven his worth and utility to Pickle for 6 months now, I’m not sure what more is needed.

Maybe instead of whining you go find us another NFT artist, write an RFC, and get a vote going. I suppose belly aching anonymously is easier though right?


Thanks for your nickname « brainwashed idiots », i love being taken for an idiot by someone who think is better…that’s another symptom of ego traumo you know… I was there before the hack and in fact lost also a big chunk of money from it…com on man every weeks some corns is bough back from protocol revenu, and Fennec helps spreading Pickle popularity with his work, you should rejoice we are hiring him, it will help you get back your money…you can also buy some corn to speculate and getting 10x in a few years!
@Entbeard is right, write your own proposal, or if you know another artist make him do a presentation here we will all be pleased to discuss about it…I feel so sorry for you, all this frustration make you more of a mad dog than a constructive mind :pensive: