[RFC] Team Proposal: Fennec (aka "Peckish Painter with Pale Pallor Patiently Procrastinates Pending Prophesized Payout")

It was literally handed to them. Who else had the opportunity? Proven utility? By using copyrighted material to make NFTs? Yeah we’ll see how that goes in the future. Maybe instead of just blindly voting for stuff, actually stop and think about it.

I’m not saying I know another artists but you all are literally voting for this without even considering an alternative. Show me another artist who has had the platform Fennec has had from Pickle and I will gladly write it up. An I love nicknames too, I’ll change mine to “ego traumo”. Thanks.

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Ser, please read this: In search of: Graphic Designer. This is the ad by which we found Fennec.

We have had competitive and open concourses to hire everyone that is currently on the Pickle core team, and Fennec wouldn’t be an exception.

We have had also other artists selling Pickled NFTs, but they just haven’t been as popular, enduring, or involved as Fennec has been. Here, we are asking our DAO if they are OK with the Committee which is majority-controlled by community-elected members to extend a core team contract to an existing contributor. I do not think there is anything fishy about it. In the normal course of business, hiring managers wouldn’t make wait a qualified candidate that’s available and whose work is known and well-regarded among those who will work with him. We are going above and beyond so our DAO has a say.


i think it will suits you well! still gotta pays me copyrights on this nickname if you use, or you will be a crook? i m a philanthropist but not a saint :money_mouth_face:

LKJ answers say it all, there wa other artist like Matt French Arts which was given stage, but did not creat anymore Pickle refering arts…

Again as @Entbeard told you feel free to come and discuss things on discord, all opinion should be expressed, and we do not bite, only spank a bit mad pickle baring their fangs at the wrong person…cause yeah we trully all Fennec arts and person, and that’s what an artist is also, how he is perceived by the community behind him… so please respect our feeling if you want yourself to be a respectable pickle, and why not help us build more our protocol!
This ways you will have at the least more chance to get your money back, and at the most getting back on the clear green side :wink: :green_heart: