[RFC] Weekly Tweet with APY yields on Pickle weekly to get more users

Pickle Finance has 22k followers but does not share the insane APYs available on the platform.

This proposal is to send 1 tweet weekly containing information about as many high APY farms as fit into a single tweet every Saturday morning (US/Europe/Asia) time. At that time gas is usually lower and people are not at work.

On one hand we’re discussing spending money on marketing, on the other hand we have attention grabbing APYs and we don’t utilize the large twitter following for that.

Option 1: send weekly tweets to attract new users and larger TVL
Option 1: do nothing, don’t leak alpha on Twitter


Hi @JimmyJ I like this idea. We are currently getting the marketing picklers operating and have some stuff in train. I have added this to our action items. If you’d like to more informally suggest marketing activities then feel free to join the Shillsquad channel on Discord. @chimaera can invite you if you’re keen


Yep this is part of our new content strategy, in planning stages currently but coming soon!