[RFC] Which chains could be next for Pickle deployment? (Poll)

[RFC] Let’s share ideas where we think Pickle could deploy next (which chains).

The choice of deployment on OKExChain has been a surprise to many of us. The community engagement in this decision has been very limited. Some whales took the opportunity to express their discontent with the decision in PIP-43.

It would be helpful if Picklers shared their ideas about the chains they view as promising. With that, the Core team will see which chains have the most support and take that into consideration when deciding on further deployments.

In some cases like Optimism, an arbitrary TVL threshold for deployment would be helpful.

Deploying on chains that don’t end up being successful consumes a lot of work both initially and later when support efforts are required. A decision to discontinue support for Pickle on a dying chain could be hard and/or harmful to the brand.

Polygon and OkExChain have been included despite Polygon deployment being complete and Okex being almost complete, just to check the support.

  • Arbitrum
  • Avalanche
  • BSC
  • Celo
  • Fantom
  • Harmony
  • Huobi HECO
  • Okex
  • Optimism
  • Moonriver
  • Near
  • Palm
  • Polygon
  • Tomo
  • xDAI

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I definitely support Ethereum Layer 2 solutions with a view to eventually move Pickle over to Layer 2 once it becomes feasible. I feel most people in Pickle are Ethereum supporters and would like to see Ethereum succeed and as such supporting an Ethereum centric landscape would be useful in supporting this vision.


Don’t deploy on a new chain just for the point of deploying on a new chain, you need to support the deployment! What do I mean with this? We currently don’t have the manpower to support a lot of chains and you need to focus the dev team resources, it doesn’t make sense to have 5-10 farms on different chains, instead of having 20-30 farms on 1 chain. The last 2 ETH farms have shown that the current high gas prices make ETH farms unaffordable for the average user, we should focus on developing new polygon/Okex chains in this environment.

I think we should support at least 1 ETH L2 solution.

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Good point.

I think you are interpreting this vote as: let’s deploy on Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, Avax immediately!

I interpret this as: Good choice with Polygon deployment. Okex is not popular. Why has it been chosen in the first place? Let’s be careful about the next deployment. Let’s think about Arbitrum and Optimism first before jumping into Tomo, Palm, HECO, xDai, Near…


Ser, we are a mainnet-native DAO, we couldn’t move to L2 (and probably shouldn’t) albeit we could use L2 as on/off ramps for affordability.


FTM foundation has rolled out rewards for teams with different TVLs.
Its allowed for curve rewards to be slightly higher on FTM than main net.

There are a few dedicated auto compounders. And even the “rival” mushroom finance there.

I dont mind a few other l2 chain options as this allows people to go for cheaper transactions. Even if the other chain options are smaller options.

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I think we should deploy on FTM at some point. I think the key rollout with higher priority is Arbitrum.

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The whale again moaning about Okex and praising Arbitrum:

Just a heads up. As communicated before, our little Pickle collab is bearish Okex chain. We are bullish Eth, Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon. We would be delighted to see more farms like Polygon’s DINO-ETH with 1000%+ APYs. We’re happy to vote for Pickle emissions on Okex for a month. Farms like CHE-USDK, CHE-ETHK or CHE-OKT could make that deployment profitable. On the other hand, farms giving 20% PICKLE APY for a USDC-USDT farm will make deployment unprofitable and in that case, if you give us a chance to vote, we will vote to remove PICKLE emissions from the Okex chain. Our larger group holds a view that Okex chain will be a fiasco. We view Arbitrum as a better business partner than Okex. Okex blocks are almost empty and after careful one-by-one review of the Okex transactions, we interpret many of these transactions as spam. How else would you explain the activity of the following Okex chain addresses? 0x64a3bfefa2d8802a68d0d3ec6552c9b0ecfbe530 0x6deb35dbfb14cc580831c1c3031f4082754553f8 h0x08c4516c5c614b0b08841289b6b81e7317414eca 0xbc99a0a8d3047e06ef1f3edcb3b0789158d90886. Pickle’s selling points are hassle free compounding and gas efficiency. Gas efficiency will be beneficial on ETH, Arbitrum, Optimism and maybe Polygon in the future. We think that Okex transactions will forever be free and gas savings will not be a selling point of Pickle on Okex. We don’t buy a narrative that deploying on Okex will bring Chinese users to Pickle - Chinese users can use Arbitrum if they want to. The take home point is: if Okex deployment will consume more PICKLE rewards than revenues generated from the 20% fee, it is likely that there will be votes to remove PICKLE rewards from Okex chain. Not sure how advanced Okex deployment is, but skipping it altogether could be an option. The pickle forum vote has clearly shown support for Arbitrum and lack of support for Okex.

These okex addresses :fearful:


All 4 transacted in a single block :eyes:. And these Okex blocks have on average 10 txs each…


all valid points, pickle will deploy on arbitrum and it looks like it will be super easy to deploy on optimism (1 click deploy in October). I think we all agree that we should prefer arbitrum and optimism in the future.

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Hey, paperhands. I thought that W…d has explained my position clear enough in dilldao. Full support for the core team, sidechains and L2s. OK with Okex getting PICKLE. Not OK in Okex bots getting it in perpetuity. If there are real users, we can vote in a balance between revenues and PICKLE rewards. Have you noticed that someone pumped mQQQ deposits from 1k$ to 1.3m$ and rugged the gauge to 0? Have you noticed residual sticky 0.7m$ with no PICKLE rewards? I dont think core team will engage in creative voting tactics. Do not worry about me getting getting fatigued, I can go all night. BTW, core team, please release poly dai-pickl farm UI, I feel like a thief farming it with W. at 300% APY while most people dont know about it. Why everyone hate diamond hands? We’re all in the same boat.