Self adjusting pools?

I haven’t read all of the posts so I don’t know if this has been asked.

Why not automate moving liquidity around to the pools that need to be adjusted towards their pegs and share the profits equally among the pools?

This honestly sounds like a single pool with a dynamic strategy. I honestly think this is where DeFi is heading as smart contracts get, well… smarter. At a certain point, why “stake” anywhere when you can just put your funds in one place and be confident that the strategist will automatically reallocate your assets to wherever the gains are highest? I’m tellin’ you, mega pool is coming.

(a short story for your coin, sir)

quietly at first, then growing louder
“Mega Pool, Mega Pool, Mega Pool”

The great war-cry of Pickle Nation had started out as but an innocent suggestion from a lowly pickle private. But in the years that followed, wherever those words would lead, death would follow.



Mega pool… more like mega drool… huh, huh… ahh never mind :slight_smile: