Show TVL of each individual Pickle Jar

Self explanatory. See subject. This will be similar to the old site, a very useful metric.


Agreed. Seems like a good feature.

Agreed. Nice to see the breakdown in real-time.

we can easily add that, where do u think it makes sense tho? because the UI is a little cramped for space.

would also like to see OUR wallets TVL in pickle smart contracts on the home page

TVL, like the APY breakdown, is a “detailed metric”. those dont need to be displayed front and center to the average user (like how the stats used to only be in console)
perhaps we could have it onmouseover, similar to the APY mouseover? on the dashboard, it could be the Deposit Token column. though if we want to keep a unified experience across the Farms/Jars page, we would have to have a mouseover over the name (yikes).
adding TVL to the APY mouseover as a second row or splitting that mouseover into two columns with APY on the left and TVL on the right would work, but it would be terrible on mobile.

my opinion would have TVL only displayable on the dashboard onmouseover of Deposit Token, and not have the mouse over on Farms/Jars page.

Rather than mouseover it would be cool to have an expandable box (via drop down arrow) or popup, with additional info about the Jar. Eg things like number of wallets staking, biggest wallet share, APY last 7 day average, etc? Not sure anywhere shares this kind of info so could be a USP.

IMO it should be shown on the Jars page under the respective Jars.
It’s important information but it’s not essential that it be shown on the front page dashboard.
My 2 pickles :smiley: