The Case For a Pickle Army

I’ve seen similar posts like this but wanted to draft a rough proposal for a $PickleArmy within the forums. As Pickle continue to grow its community base, I believe maintaining a supportive system of brother/sisterhood is important. This will help sustain the community long term and recruit more participants. I was thinking we could have a sort of rank and file system for volunteers ranging from pickle cadets, to privates, lieutenants, etc. It would be community driven and volunteers can move up the ranks by providing real value to the ecosystem. Maybe we could have a community upvote/ point reward system for the best and brightest. The more points earned, the higher you move up in the ranks.

In addition, I think this would be a cool opportunity for artists to implement different mascot prototypes based on the ranks. I was thinking of military style pickle characters where the camo is instead made of pickles. Furthermore, I know eeeeeverybody is talking about implementing NFTs. Well. what if instead of having an NFT staking program, we rewarded those who move up in the ranks with exclusive NFT cards that represent their rank and value in the ecosystem. As you move up, a new and exclusive card is minted. A card that cannot be minted by outside staking , which would drive focus away from Pickle’s mission, but by provided value and capital to the network. Maybe we can implement something where points can be redeemed for exclusive NFT cards that represent your ownership and contribution. This would REWARD those who put money where their mouth is as well as others who provide true value. Artists, strategists, bloggers, developers, etc.

Furthermore, perhaps in the future, we could implement a way to maintain value for these NFTs by either:

  1. letting participants redeem the NFTs for additional pickle shares

  2. Selling them on the open market for profit , where the NFT actually represents underlying value of the Pickle community

  3. Hold onto them as exclusive digital collectibles that continue to accrue in value.

Very rough idea, but what are y’alls thoughts? feel free to criticize and bruise my ego.


i actually like this idea… and really cool community driven ranking reputation system…

I was going to start making NFT’s with my account… and i answer tons of questions on twitter. Me and a few fellas go as Dragon Ball Z characters and call ourself #pFighters

but I love your idea and lets collab!

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Sounds good! I suppose I should make a twitter. I haven’t messed with social media too much these days. lol.

I liked the double entendre of Pickle Privates to be honest :upside_down_face:

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bahaha I knew someone was going to say something

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@Lyucei I see you are rolling excellent ideas like steam-hot buns:heart_eyes: Sweet and greatly appreciated - indeed we need more army-like style to spread the power of brine out there! for me picked privates sounds rather dope :wink:

When it comes to NFTs linking them to the pickle-share, length of service and community promotion would be an excellent move - we can make it in the deterministic way where some ranks can be achieved via just official steps and some, just some honours are awarded for special achievements - similar to how in medieval times you were given titles e.g. “Keeper of the house” or “Mater of the hunt”.

We can also make NFTs as a part of the rewards of campaigns (related to @Lyucei another idea about the treasure visualisation). Additionally, we can use earned NFTs for charitable purposes to support some noble causes.


Greetings :slight_smile: I think this is a mad idea, dang this whole project is awesome haha. I would really like to help in some way, what can I do to assist?

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Thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile: Love the additional ideas you’ve proposed as well. Let the creative pickle juices flow.

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I think a cool thing to implement would be a page for artists to submit ideas for memes, animations, nfts, etc. We would need volunteers for recruitment purposes. Also, as far as marketing, it may be helpful to have someone who can track engagement. Maybe further down the road, try to work out some ad campaigns with Brave network.

Also, a sort of blog would be awesome. something like “Pickle Nation”. feel free to edit the title. Just a rough idea. Eventually, we could bring in real world revenue through a merch store, with items being limited edition. Hopefully this adds some inspiration.

I’m wondering if volunteers would be willing to agree to keep some of the best ideas under wraps for now. Not to exclude anybody. But mainly because I think the fact we are flying under the radar is actually an advantage. If we can conjur a solid incubator, we can pull the trigger when the time is right and go crazy with it,

It would be probably a good idea to have medium-based official blog - not sure how we could coordinate it as a community.


absolutely. I know we already have a blog set up there. So I don’t wanna disrupt anything that’s already been started. Was just throwing around some ideas. We could maybe have special write ups here and there to recognize different community members. Maybe showcase some dope artwork that people come up with.

I’m mainly here to humbly offer some inspiration haha. Still new to the whole ecosystem and thrilled the more I learn about what’s happening here.

yep I think that’s an excellent idea - would you like to spearhead a thread dedicated to the artworks? I think this will give a load of inspirations to guys that are already storming social media with pickle-related posts;-D

Damn I really want to see some Rick & Morty’s related posts :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Happy to do it :slight_smile: I’ll start working on that now

also I think one of our privateers on Twitter mentioned possible collab with NFTs e.g. $MEME - maybe you can entangle both discussions together :wink: Feels like a possible spicy spinoff especially because $PICKLE is suuuch a tasty target for art ;-D