The xProtocol Strategy (inspired by Sushiswap)

The xProtocol token strategy.
People deposit a xProtocol to a protocol token.
xProtocol is added to a borrow lending protocol.
Protocol token is borrowed against xProtocol token.
Protocol token is staked for xProtocol token.
xProtocol Apy/apr must be greater than borrow for protocol token.
XProtocol token is the staked form of protocol token that accrues fees to XProtocol token in protocol token.
Rinse and repeat as leverage and risk tolerance allows.

Replace with appropriate token.

Inspired by the Sushiswap’s xSushi and Sushi.
Also may be relevant for Powerpool’s upcoming xCVP and CVP.

This requires the development of the relevant components which can then be used to implement the above strategy.

Happy to discuss the details of the strategy more before putting specific implementations up for a vote.


I like it particularly if the numbers work out for xSushi.

Any other examples besides Sushi where this would work?

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Eventually CVP with xCVP from Powerpool (the index of tokens people.

Also Cover with xCover

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No progress on xCVP in public yet. Probably a good time to check the rates on xSushi to see if viable or not.