Vault that stakes for you. Converts sCRV to PICKLE

People with low capital are priced out of claiming the sCRV and even if they wait a year to claim when the reward is big enough the gas prices might have grown much faster by that time.

I would like to propose a vault where you can put your pickle and it will stake them for you. The vault will claim the sCRV rewards, convert them to PICKLE and if easily implemented compound them, otherwise just let people claim them.


An example implementation of the above:

I do not think it hurts to have this and effectively fills the role of “and buy” for the DAO earnings as a user can opt into to put some $PICKLE rewards toward buy pressure on the token.

I am for this proposal.
As an aside, I think we should create a template for PIP proposals / governance posts.

Hi @DefiTendies, completely agree with this proposal, but i think it may be lost in the noise as I think a lot of capital at this stage in the project comes from people that probably do not think about gas costs. I would like for you to refer to [Meta Alert] Proposal to Formalize Proposal Process
and may be make a formal proposal on this topic. I could also help out once you make the initial proposal by reviewing and providing feedback. As a very small capital holder i would really promote this cause and discuss this in the forums more so that others that are in the same space could voice their opinion. @Dr.Eggplant i saw that you were also concerned about gas fee. Would you be willing to promote this post and review it? thanks

One thing to note is that the max APY this could earn is pretty low since the rewards are capped at around ~$35k per week.

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@BigBrainBriner, I agree with what you say, but i feel there must be more users currently and also future users of Pickle who might want to stake and forget, but also be able to convert the rewards directly to get more PICKLEs without having to expend gas as often as stated in the initial thread a cost of $5 to $10 in gas for someone with only $500 in capital can start hurting after 2-3 transactions. So if an option is provided to support these users to convert their rewards may be on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis to something easier to redeem like Pickles itself would be great. Just a thought!
Also i personally would like a small and steady APY rather than the eye watering unrealistic APYs that are not always sustainable over time.

Mind to share is $35k / week static number or based on fee earned on jar ?

It is the weekly reward that is decided by treasury community. But as we earn more in fees the reward will be increased.

Right now its the 4 devs but they are onboarding trusted community members. Ideally it will be a 6/9 multisig.

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that’s correct. if TVL and UNI returns skyrocket then it can likely be more than $35k. But I doubt it’ll 10x or anything so I am generalizing when I say “capped at $35k”. My point is that it’s unlikely to be orders of magnitude larger, at least not in the short term.

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I would like a function which puts our staked pickle reward sCRV into the sCRV jar automatically