We are left with no choice but do it - a Pickle meme coin, maybe $PICKLEJUICE?

We are left with no choice but do it - a Pickle meme coin, maybe $PICKLEJUICE ?

YFI, Sushi are launching their memecoins. Floki Inu gets an entire episode on Graham Stephan’s show, one of the most popular financial yt channels. Shiba inu is running hot.

We need to make a snapshot of DILL holders and make a memecoin claimable on Polygon or Arbitrum.

I propose the name $PICKLEJUICE, but other names could be considered. A contest for the best pickle meme coin name could be launched.

There will be a point in a cycle, this or the next one when memecoins will shine, and not having a memecoin while others do is not ideal

Sushi is doing a snapshot. We could do a Snapshot of DILL on the day when the emissions start going down. What a great way to celebrate reducing emissions!

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To be fair PICKLE is already a meme, we just need to make it official and apply for meme status on coingecko and cmc like lad currently known as ‘War Machine’ suggested last week in the discord - spell have done it, why shouldn’t we?

I like your ideas here Sir Jimmy, and support them wholeheartedly, we should have fun with the community aspects of Pickle, whether that’s with PICKLE or PICKLEJUICE OR PICKLEBUTT OR PICKLEES

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Lee had a great idea of a $TICKLE memecoin. Airdropping $TICKLE on $DILL holders would be :fire:

I particularly like the idea of a chef contract on Polygon, unrelated to Pickle, awarding $PICKLEJUICE token for $TICKLE-$PICKLE LPs. Obviously TICKLE and PICKLEJUICE are worthless ERC20s with no cost for Pickle :slight_smile:

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