What is the Core Team's vision for multichain Pickle? Is PICKLE token value at the center?

Pickle is already multichain and looks to expand further.

How does the Core Team see the future for Pickle? What are the options?

How will PICKLE token and DILL fit into the multichain protocol?

Is the vision for DILL to vote on the rewards on other chains? When can this be achieved?

How are PICKLE and DILL tokens affected by these plans?
The community is built around the PICKLE token. The well being of the protocol depends on the value of PICKLE. The decision to increase emissions 3x has allowed for the protocol to grow but contributes to destruction of the value of the PICKLE token through high inflation. There are comments that the treasury is healthy and the runoff is infinite. In fact, the cashflows are large but the profitability is close to 0 because the high PICKLE inflation and destruction of PICKLE value happens at the rate similar to the flow of profits from the fees. This is not a bad thing for a growing protocol, just something to acknowledge.
Some decisions were made that don’t have PICKLE in the center. Farming PICKLE on Sushi does not have DILL boosts. Why? Is this about to change with the Pool 2 revamp on Sushi? Why freeloader farmers are not incentivized to lock PICKLE?
The proposal currently under the vote also does not appear to have DILL holders at the center - 16% of the current allocPoint (0.15 * 4000) will be removed from DILL holder oversight and used for Pool 2 farming. Extrapolating from the PICKLE farms on Sushi and Cometh, it looks like DILL holders will not be at any advantage over non-holders, but will be clearly at disadvantage because every emission destroys the value of PICKLE and DILL. Are there plans to arrange boosts for Balancer Pool 2 farming? Hard to arrange technically? Maybe NFT gamified boosting would be something easy to arrange? Maybe allow DILL holders to mint NFTs that for 1 month will boost Balancer Pool 2 farming? In 1 month Balancer will likely pull their side of the dill and remove BAL rewards.
While ETH farms are subject to voting, Polygon farms are not. My personal opinion is that the rewards on Polygon are a bit neglected and too high. For the first farm (Cometh USDC/ETH), Pickle pays 31% APY but gets only 1% APY through fees. Other Polygon farms also destroy the value of Pickle, generate very little trading fees and don’t benefit DILL holders who cannot vote on the APY distribution. Polygon is a special case, because the website often does not work on Polygon’s default RPC. There were instructions about changing the RPC in the past but now they are gone. Users are confused about the Polygon farms - this has a lot to do with Polygon being a fast sidechain, breaking a lot of stuff built for Ethereum.
Allowing DILL holders to vote on rewards on other chains will add value for PICKLE and DILL. It will encourage healthy circulation of the high APYs, with occasionally very high APYs luring users in, and retaining them later despite lowering APYs.

I hope that there will be more long term PICKLE vesting and we’ll all be laser focused on the value of PICKLE, essential for the protocol to function well.

Reading this thread [RFC] Team incentives - #16 by pipickle by @pipickle I get the impression that the value of PICKLE is not at the center.

PICKLE inflation is the funding mechanism for this protocol. Without keeping it at the center, we’ll erode it to 0 and we’ll have nothing to fund the protocol.


Hello ser,

There’s a lot to unpack here but I will be brief:

  • no boosts – pool 2s are non-Pickle products. They’re DEX products. We only boost Pickle Jars built on pool 2s. The exception was UNIv2 pool 2, the original. This is a farm that will likely be censored as soon as that is technically feasible (not under current contracts) because it was a mistake to put it under boosts in the first place.
  • PIP-45 has a strong rationale – this is probably why it passed with overwhelming support. Note reading the PIP here that these PICKLEs are for pool 2 incentives, which benefit all PICKLE holders if implemented correctly. Pool 2s create demand for PICKLE, which means buying pressure. They also create volume and liquidity, which means bigger holders can enter PICKLE and more market makers can also consider PICKLE, including CEXs that want a piece of the action on their platforms. There are also possibilities within DeFi to make certain indexes like DPI when liquidity is high but not otherwise.
  • freeloaders vs DILL – we technically don’t have freeloaders in the system, everyone performs “work” i.e. an incentivized action. We are going to incentivize PICKLE liquidity across DeFi – we welcome every farmer. Once the liquidity is sticky, we can move the rewards to new markets.
  • can only Core Team submit votes? – no, ser. Ask your elected representatives in the new SCCOC to submit a PIP for you if you think your RFC is ready, they will publish by-laws on the community-driven RFC process as well so that everyone knows with fairness and transparency what sort of scope they can submit improvements for and what sort of traction they need before these are considered ready to vote on.
  • limited re-vote conditions. Actually there’s a wide scope for voting a PIP. Whether to re-vote an existing PIP or not is entirely subjective. The power to make PIPs emanates from the DAO it will forever be in the DAO – it’s part of our “constitution”. If you feel this has to be re-voted on, talk to the Team/DAO, post an RFC, rally consensus, pressure the DAO representatives to submit for vote, and get it passed. It will be implemented.

Hello kind ser, thank you for the reply. While this post does not clarify the vision for multichain Pickle, your other proposal does, and puts the decision in the hands of the DAO, fantastic. One more question. Does the Sushi PICKLE ETH pool revamp have plans for DILL boosts?

We can create a jar to auto-compound the rewards and add that to the Gauge system. The pool itself, no, I don’t think so.

oh, that is exactly what I meant, pardon me, I was talking about the pickle farm for that pool. thank you, making that farm boosted will make it more attractive.

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