What PickleJar strategies would you like to see?

Currently, we have the following PickleJars:

  • pJar 0: The sCRV Jar, which farms CRV.
  • pJar 0.69a, b, & c: The UNI Jars, which farm UNI.

In the near future, we will have pJar 1 which is an active strategy which seeks returns from shorting Dai from a leveraged position.

We’d like to see what ideas the community has for creating yield farming robots in future PickleJars. Any ideas on this topic are welcome, but there’s bonus points for stablecoin related ones!


Congratulations Pickle Team,

I would love to see a strategy involving a wrapped Bitcoin stablecoin pool. Right now Bitcoin holders only have one viable option to park their Bitcoin: Curve. They can choose from two options: either the renBTC or sBTC pool.

This represents an opportunity for the Pickle team to capture value, as many Curve LPs would love yield competition for their wrapped Bitcoin. Right now there is ~$317M in Bitcoin locked in Curve. wBTC is also the fastest growing assets with ~$810M TVL.

With all the different flavors of wrapped Bitcoin: wBTC, renBTC, sBTC, hBTC, tBTC, etc. There is a price spread between each individual token. Pickle can implement an arbitrage strategy either using Curve or a yet to be invented strategy to capture this value.

Pickle will also receive positive optics for being the SECOND viable option for Bitcoiners to park their money in, can capture more TVL, and ultimately this will increase the value of $PICKLE.


  • Dr. Eggplant

Fantastic idea, we will definitely save this in our backlog!
It may even be useful to start a new thread focused on this idea!

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Now is the time to create a secure & sound strategy to have a single asset ETH jar + farm, especially since PICKLE stakers are going to be earning ETH, it would be great for TVL growth & users.

stake PICKLE
earn ETH/wETH
jar ETH/wETH + farm
stake PICKLE… rinse, repeat.


Leveraged ETH2 staking through rocketpool. Not sure this is technically viable.